Samstag, 19. September 2015

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015

European Champion 2015
Mistrzynią Europy Kobiet
Europees Kampioen

Ewa Prawicka-Linke
Leszno, Poland
5 168 Points
[See Ewa on YouTube]

Daiva Rakauskaite, Lithuania
Vice European Champion 2015 & 2012
Silver Medal
5 049 Points

Elisabeth Kindermann
Austria / Österreich
3rd / Dritte & Vice World Champion 2014
Bronze Medaille
4 939 Points

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The Dutch Hosts

Annelotte, Sanne, Caroline

Sanne Haarhuis
Rank 16  -  3 542 Points

Caroline Splinters
Rank 25  -  2 524 Points

Annelotte Tolboom
Rank 27  -  2 156 Points

Best Team: Poland

Daria, Ewa, Beata & Victor

Ewa Prawicka-Linke
European Champion
5 168 Points

Beata Choma
Rank 4  -  4 833 Points

Daria Dudkiewicz
Rank 8  -  4 389 Points

The Germans - Die Deutschen Frauen

Siegrid, Astrid, Sylvia, Dolly, Elise (v.l.)

Sylvia Meinl
Rang 10  -  4 286 Punkte

Astrid Carl
Rang 18  -  3 388 Punkte

Elise Kloss
Rang 21  -  3 114 Punkte

Siegrid Ibes
Rang 29  -  1 534 Punkte

Dolly Deimling
Rang 30  -  1 258 Punkte

All Results

Total of all scored tasks.Flt 1Flt 2Flt 3
125Ewa PRAWICKA-LINKEPOL5168873729433945557709922
22Daiva RAKAUSKAITELTU5049609902652994838921133
34Elisabeth KINDERMANNAUT49393009311000918941649200
423Beata CHOMAPOL4833914862875267828367720
516Agne SIMONAVICIUTELTU4615924960712333619671000
63Ann HERDEWYNBEL4420556619772367728978400
77Stephanie BAREFORDGBR4398808700685467167833738
824Daria DUDKIEWICZPOL4389931637267623600831500
96Marketa OLSANOVACZE434190065826791872280967
1010Sylvia MEINLGER4286756608533300955167967
1119Migle VAITULEVICIUTELTU40483335004001000751831233
121Lindsay MUIRGBR39341671000750200133910774
1328Ekaterina LARIKOVARUS3852979333843100500500597
1414Rita BECZHUN366967395601908467300931
1529Montserrat LLADO-GAMBINESP3600200400685720400433762
1621Sanne HAARHUISNED3542800333467601333400608
1717Kristina SUNAITIENELTU33912676510973671000433
1811Astrid CARLGER3388467533631167533333724
1930Janet HAASESUI3383133300598533558620641
2026Maria OPARINARUS325268379500433557533467
2113Elise KLOSSGER31146821007992331000200100
2215Kristine VEVERELAT3057533467333133834590167
2318Rita NAUJALIENELTU280460123367870367133533
245Moniek VANDE VELDEBEL2713100-223799916267554300
2522Caroline SPLINTERSNED252450082713333233100698
2627Julia SELEZNEVARUS2160433-4120067200934367
2720Annelotte TOLBOOMNED2156332320077733467623
288Chloe HALLETTGBR215536736710065530033333
2912Siegrid IBESGER153420067233400100267267
309Dolores DEIMLINGGER1258233159167500433-26733
Copyright (©) 2015 Mathijs R. De Bruijn

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015
Europameisterschaft im Heißluftballonfahren der Frauen
EK Ballonvaren
Balonowe Mistrzostwa Europy Kobiet 2015
Copyright (©) 2015 Photos & Text Rudolf H. Boettcher

Day 5 - Flight 3

Last day - last flight - two tasks: [TDS: In fact it is flight 3b - two tasks had been cancelled in a field briefing.]

A wonderfull morning at the Landal village of Orveltermarke. It is the fifth day of the 3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015 in Drenthe, Netherlands. Due to the bad weather it is the thrird flight. Two of four tasks will be cancelled. 

It is a short flight, but is the chance to get fantastic photos for the early birds at the Landal GreenPark.

Mother & daughter: Pilots Lindsay Muir & Chloe Hallett
(GBR) preparing their flights

Winner of Task 6: Kristina Sunaitiene, LTU  17

Judge declared Goal

Kristina is winner of the Schroeder Fire Balloons Prize

Kristina made a perfect drop with her marker, missing the target by 23 centimeters!
The photo shows the drop of Agne.

Winner of Task 7: Agne Simonaviciute, LTU  16

Hesitation Waltz

The balloons are leaving Orveltermarke and are approaching the first target.

Freitag, 18. September 2015

A second evening with the black flag

If it is safe - not too windy - the next start will be at this evening between 18:00 and 19:00.

A task data sheet can be found here: [eNOTICE BOARD] as TDS flight3 (pdf) between 16:45 and 17:00. [It is here.]

I am very sorry, but I am not able to sent updates out of the briefing tent.

Waiting at the launchfield, but no yellow flag and finally the black flag. Only two fiesta balloons had been launched.

Red flag & officials at the Orveltermarke launchfield

The VENKO fiesta balloon is starting

Last take off this evening: PH-TYR at Orveltermarke

It is almost sure that the Kubicek prize will go our friends of Lithuania. Congratulations!

The sun is back!

Mr. METEO Ab Maas had been sceptical this morning: "A chance to fly - a chance for showers."

Day 4 - Flight 2 - Task 3 - 5

[Task Data Sheet 2b (pdf)]

Task 3: Pilot Declared Goal (The goal had to be declared before taking off)

Task 4: Hesitatition Waltz - The kubicek prize goes to the winner of task 4.

Task 5: 3D Shape Task (The pilots tried to fly a donut) 

Start at the Landal Orveltermarke start field - flight in direction NNW.

Ready for assistance: The Landal Park Manager & a huge tractor
Dutch Ditches

Ditches and channels might be nice in the morning, but ...

[Oranjekanaal] in the morning sun (today 7:48)

Several crews got in contact with ditches in the landing phase of their balloons.

It happened to Dolly, Siegrid and worst of all to a Russian crew.

Cleaning & Drying

Lots of thanks to the teams of Daiva Rakauskaite & Astrid Carl for their help.


Total of all scored tasks.Flt 1Flt 2
14Elisabeth KINDERMANNAUT40903009311000918941
22Daiva RAKAUSKAITELTU3999609902656994838
323Beata CHOMAPOL3748914862877267828
425Ewa PRAWICKA-LINKEPOL3571873729467945557
516Agne SIMONAVICIUTELTU3552924960716333619
66Marketa OLSANOVACZE3198500658400918722
710Sylvia MEINLGER3157756608538300955
824Daria DUDKIEWICZPOL3091931637300623600
93Ann HERDEWYNBEL3045556619775367728
1019Migle VAITULEVICIUTELTU30173335004331000751
1113Elise KLOSSGER28166821008012331000
1228Ekaterina LARIKOVARUS2756979333844100500
1321Sanne HAARHUISNED2567800333500601333
1414Rita BECZHUN254267395705908467
1529Montserrat LLADO-GAMBINESP2409200400689720400

Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

Day 3 - No Hare - No Hound - No Waltz

Update:  Kein Fuchs - keine Hunde - kein Walzer ...

This flight had been cancelled after a field briefing. 

Cars and trailers are ready for tomorrow morning

There might be slight chance to fly, if the rain stops at 18:20 as predicted. - In fact it stopped earlier.

Start approx. at the Orveltermarke start field: 19:00  - it might be cancelled by the black flag.

Target Areas / Ziele: Direction of flight is West to Northwest

The targets are between Schoonoord and Borger.
  • Target 1:  5160/6245 MMA R 75m 
  • Target 2:  5141/6126 MMA R 75m 
  • Target 3:  5142/5796 MMA R 75m 
  • Target 4:  4830/5558 MMA R 75m

Alternate Tasks / Aufgaben:
  • Task 3a: Hesitation Waltz
  • Task 3b: Hare and Hound (Fuchsjagd) chasing a dark blue ballon with red white blue spirals.
If the green flag goes up and the Hare has taken off, then the task will be a HNH. If the green flag goes up without the hare taking off, the task will be a HZW.

Latest at 19:00 it is either the green or the black flag.

End of flight: Sunset

The weather might be better on Friday and Saturday.

Pitch & Putt Texas Scramble Tournament

6:30  No morning briefing (cancelled) - no flight.

9:30  All six teams had been winners of the golf tournament at Landal Orveltermarke:
- Belgium, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Officials 1, Officials 2.

Team Nederland with Sanne Haarhuis

Team Deutschland mit Sylvia Meinl

Mittwoch, 16. September 2015

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015, Drenthe

Day 2 - Flight 1

Mr. METEO Ab Maas: Wind is ok, the other conditions are difficult.

Wind to the North West, decreasing a little bit. The warm front has passed, there will be showers in the evening.

More substantial rain at about 8:00.

6:44 It is raining, a chance to fly, if it is clearing up.

Het weer - The weather was better than predicted ...

There is a flight this morning.

The flags changed from red to yellow, from yellow to green.

Start direct at Orveltermarke Launchfield near the Landal GreenPark.

Task 1: Hesitation Waltz (3 targets)

Task 2: Fly On

Wind to northwest, direction Smilde.

Results [30 pilots: here]

Total of all scored tasks.Flt 1
116Agne SIMONAVICIUTELTU1884924960
223Beata CHOMAPOL1776914862
325Ewa PRAWICKA-LINKEPOL1602873729
424Daria DUDKIEWICZPOL1568931637
56Marketa OLSANOVACZE1558900658
62Daiva RAKAUSKAITELTU1511609902
77Stephanie BAREFORDGBR1508808700
810Sylvia MEINLGER1364756608
922Caroline SPLINTERSNED1327500827
1028Ekaterina LARIKOVARUS1312979333

                                                                       Copyright (©) 2015 Mathijs R. De Bruijn

The Dutch Results:
        •   9  Caroline Splinters
        • 20  Sanne Haarhuis
        • 28  Annelotte Tolboom


Best Task 1 (979 points): Ekaterina LARIKOVA, RUS  28

Got 1000 on Task 1: Marketa OLSANOVA, CZE  6
- but lost 100 (Rule 11.5 Ground Contact 1)
Winner Task 2: Lindsay MUIR, GBR  1

Time to talk after a safe landing.

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015
Drenthe, Netherlands

© Text & photos:  Rudolf H. Boettcher