Samstag, 19. September 2015

Day 5 - Flight 3

Last day - last flight - two tasks: [TDS: In fact it is flight 3b - two tasks had been cancelled in a field briefing.]

A wonderfull morning at the Landal village of Orveltermarke. It is the fifth day of the 3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015 in Drenthe, Netherlands. Due to the bad weather it is the thrird flight. Two of four tasks will be cancelled. 

It is a short flight, but is the chance to get fantastic photos for the early birds at the Landal GreenPark.

Mother & daughter: Pilots Lindsay Muir & Chloe Hallett
(GBR) preparing their flights

Winner of Task 6: Kristina Sunaitiene, LTU  17

Judge declared Goal

Kristina is winner of the Schroeder Fire Balloons Prize

Kristina made a perfect drop with her marker, missing the target by 23 centimeters!
The photo shows the drop of Agne.

Winner of Task 7: Agne Simonaviciute, LTU  16

Hesitation Waltz

The balloons are leaving Orveltermarke and are approaching the first target.

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