Mittwoch, 16. September 2015

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015, Drenthe

Day 2 - Flight 1

Mr. METEO Ab Maas: Wind is ok, the other conditions are difficult.

Wind to the North West, decreasing a little bit. The warm front has passed, there will be showers in the evening.

More substantial rain at about 8:00.

6:44 It is raining, a chance to fly, if it is clearing up.

Het weer - The weather was better than predicted ...

There is a flight this morning.

The flags changed from red to yellow, from yellow to green.

Start direct at Orveltermarke Launchfield near the Landal GreenPark.

Task 1: Hesitation Waltz (3 targets)

Task 2: Fly On

Wind to northwest, direction Smilde.

Results [30 pilots: here]

Total of all scored tasks.Flt 1
116Agne SIMONAVICIUTELTU1884924960
223Beata CHOMAPOL1776914862
325Ewa PRAWICKA-LINKEPOL1602873729
424Daria DUDKIEWICZPOL1568931637
56Marketa OLSANOVACZE1558900658
62Daiva RAKAUSKAITELTU1511609902
77Stephanie BAREFORDGBR1508808700
810Sylvia MEINLGER1364756608
922Caroline SPLINTERSNED1327500827
1028Ekaterina LARIKOVARUS1312979333

                                                                       Copyright (©) 2015 Mathijs R. De Bruijn

The Dutch Results:
        •   9  Caroline Splinters
        • 20  Sanne Haarhuis
        • 28  Annelotte Tolboom


Best Task 1 (979 points): Ekaterina LARIKOVA, RUS  28

Got 1000 on Task 1: Marketa OLSANOVA, CZE  6
- but lost 100 (Rule 11.5 Ground Contact 1)
Winner Task 2: Lindsay MUIR, GBR  1

Time to talk after a safe landing.

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015
Drenthe, Netherlands

© Text & photos:  Rudolf H. Boettcher

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