Donnerstag, 17. September 2015

Day 3 - No Hare - No Hound - No Waltz

Update:  Kein Fuchs - keine Hunde - kein Walzer ...

This flight had been cancelled after a field briefing. 

Cars and trailers are ready for tomorrow morning

There might be slight chance to fly, if the rain stops at 18:20 as predicted. - In fact it stopped earlier.

Start approx. at the Orveltermarke start field: 19:00  - it might be cancelled by the black flag.

Target Areas / Ziele: Direction of flight is West to Northwest

The targets are between Schoonoord and Borger.
  • Target 1:  5160/6245 MMA R 75m 
  • Target 2:  5141/6126 MMA R 75m 
  • Target 3:  5142/5796 MMA R 75m 
  • Target 4:  4830/5558 MMA R 75m

Alternate Tasks / Aufgaben:
  • Task 3a: Hesitation Waltz
  • Task 3b: Hare and Hound (Fuchsjagd) chasing a dark blue ballon with red white blue spirals.
If the green flag goes up and the Hare has taken off, then the task will be a HNH. If the green flag goes up without the hare taking off, the task will be a HZW.

Latest at 19:00 it is either the green or the black flag.

End of flight: Sunset

The weather might be better on Friday and Saturday.

Pitch & Putt Texas Scramble Tournament

6:30  No morning briefing (cancelled) - no flight.

9:30  All six teams had been winners of the golf tournament at Landal Orveltermarke:
- Belgium, Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Officials 1, Officials 2.

Team Nederland with Sanne Haarhuis

Team Deutschland mit Sylvia Meinl

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