Dienstag, 15. September 2015

Day 1, No Morning Flight

The AM briefing had been cancelled at 4:55 - the PM briefing will be held at 16:45.

It is going to be a fantastic day - for tourism ... or sailing.

Sunrise at Landschapspark Orveltermarke 7:18

Weather: Fantastic - Wind: "Terrible"

At 4: 30 this morning the sky is clear and the stars are visible, however a low with high winds is dominating the area. The ground winds are 10 knots (18,5 km/h) gusting up to 16 knots and in 500 ft the wind is 17 knots. 

Forecast is 11 knots on the ground, 16 knots in 250 ft and 21 knots in 500 ft.

Measured (4:33): 34,9 knots in 949 ft / gemessen: 35 Knoten Wind in ca. 320 m Höhe über Grund.

Time to list some

Favorites of this Competition

3rd FAI Women’s European Hot Air Balloon Championship 2015

  • Agne Simonaviciute, LTU
  • Ann Herdewyn; BEL
  • Beata Choma, POL
  • Daiva Rakauskaite, LTU
  • Dolly Deimling, GER
  • Elisabeth Kindermann, AUT
  • Elise Kloss, GER
  • Kristine Vevere, LAT
  • Lindsay Muir, GBR
  • Stephany Bareford, GBR
You will find them on the next pages.


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