Montag, 14. September 2015

Day Zero: Training Flight by Team Ibes

06:45, 14 September 2015

Provisional briefing this morning: Jan Oudenampse: Weather for fishing - not for flying!

The event director suggests places to visit: [Giethoorn, Venice of the North] and the Frisian village [Sleat (Sloten)].

Team Ibes (GER 12) decided: It is weather to fly.

Start: Orveltermarke / Witteveen, Bosweg - Landing1: Orvelterzand - Landing2: South of Grolloo

[Diese Fahrten auf Google-Maps].

[Last update on Twitter]: "Team Ibes is starting approx. 8:00 2 km south of Orveltermarke."

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